Podcast production

Hands Up

Hands Up was a featured radio program on BBC Radio 4. It comprises six testimonies commissioned from young black playwrights regarding policing, profiling and the Black Lives Matter movement. The pieces are woven together with actual news coverage of related events and on the street interviews. I creatively collaborated with the producer on how to best tell this story for audio, recorded all of the performances and street audio, edited and mixed the content, and provided all sound design.


Audio Advertisements

These ads ran on radio and in podcasts. I cast the talent, recorded and edited all VO, provided sound design, composed music, and mixed.


Shopkeep Ads


Ad Council Food Safety Ads

Sound design

This piece was created for a client looking to incorporate the gritty sounds of everyday NYC life into an audio advertisment. I recorded the environmental sounds used in the composition.

An excerpt of the sound design elements from an audio drama