Allen Towbin is an audio engineer and music producer who offers recording, production, composition, editing, sound design, mixing, and mastering services. Throughout his varied career his work has been heard on albums, in television and radio shows, commercials, audiobooks, films, websites and live performance. In 2015/2016 he toured with Dead and Company, the current incarnation of the Grateful Dead featuring John Mayer, as a music producer and computer/audio technician.

Allen works in the audiobook industry as a director and engineer and has recorded, edited and mixed on hundreds of projects. Other spoken word/voice oriented endeavors include featured radio programs for BBC 4, podcasts, museum audio tours and the creation of ads for the radio and audio content industries.

He has been hired to compose music for over 200 television commercials, resulting in national TV spots and web campaigns for Old Navy, Proctor & Gamble, Jansport, Hershey's, LG Electronics, Arby's, M&Ms, Nike, Target, Digiorno's, Lord and Taylor and The Ad Council to name a few.

His music has been licensed frequently for TV programs and he has created production music libraries for NBC, Discovery, and Viacom.